A novel business idea: Help families live where they want.

Specifically, I mean families with low incomes. A housing company based in Dallas has bought 30 homes all around San Antonio in order to make them available for rent to families holding Section 8 vouchers, and they plan to buy more properties. This will be a big deal for every family who gets into one of these homes–for years, families with housing vouchers could only use them to rent in the toughest places in town, often in substandard housing. But as Iris Dimmick explains in this piece, a shift in federal policies has finally opened up more options.

The Dallas-based company, High Opportunity Neighborhood (HON) Partners, believes it can both turn a profit and combat generational poverty — a lofty goal made possible thanks to a policy change at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development first proposed by former San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro when he led HUD during the Obama administration.

“Here’s why a for-profit company is buying homes to rent to Section 8 tenants” by Iris Dimmick

May these folks–the customers first, but also the company–have enormous success.

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