About me

I oversee communications for the H. E. Butt Foundation, where I also direct a storytelling project about poverty and inequity in San Antonio, Texas.

My professional background is a mix of journalism, academia, and strategic communications. I’ve worn a range of hatswriter, editor, ghostwriter, editorial director, communications consultant, and so on. While I used to pitch and publish pieces on the regular (see Some Things I’ve Written), in recent years I’ve been rooted in a range of comms and media work for the H. E. Butt Foundation.

That said, I am working on a book about fatherhood for Broadleaf Books with the working title FourFathers—a memoir of sorts on my dad, myself, father figures, and God. (And if the idea of God as a “father” strikes you as problematic, you might be my ideal reader.)

I have a Ph.D. from Boston University in religion and literature. I’ve also published a memoir called My Faith So Far: A Story of Conversion and Confusion, a historical devotional (co-authored with the journalists Jana Riess and David Van Biema) called The Prayer Wheel, and an ebook, The Tebow Mystique.

You can find me on the various social platforms, but you won’t tend to find me saying much there.

I consult and speak and do writing for hire on occasion. If you would like to get in touch for any reason, please drop me a line: pattondodd at gmail dot com.

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