Some Things I’ve Written

Select pieces:

Cities Need Housing. Churches Have Property. Can They Work Something Out? (Washington Post)

Churches Are Too Expensive for Low-Income Communities (The Atlantic)

How a Business Tycoon Used His Depression to Help Others (Washington Post)

Pricking the NFL Fan’s Conscience (Washington Post)

Franklin Graham Is Winning at Facebook (Religion & Politics)

“What Annoys You About Me?” (Christianity Today)

A Father’s Dilemma: Is Watching Football Immoral? (

The Boston Bombing: Made in America (The Atlantic, written with Wilson Brisset)

New Life After the Fall (Christianity Today)

Blind-Sided at the Box Office (Books & Culture)

Bidding Farewell to Tim Tebow (

Santorum & Satan (Washington Post, written with David Kuo)

Prayer vs. Player (

What Tim Tebow and Ben Roethlisberger Reveal about Evangelical Politics (Washington Post Sunday Outlook, cover, written with David Kuo)

God’s Quarterback (Wall Street Journal Weekend Review, cover)

Tim Tebow and Evidence of Things Unseen (Washington Post)

Vera Farmiga’s Fundamentalism (Patheos)

Moving from Exclusion to Embrace: An Interview with Miroslav Volf (Patheos)

Reading Is Fundamental–and Fun! An Interview with Alan Jacobs (Patheos)

The Time Machine: How Mad Men Brought Us Back to the 1960s (Comment)

Review of the Criterion Collection DVD of The Night of the Hunter (Cineaste. Print only.)

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